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Kelsie Booker


Miss Princess of America

Kelsie Booker


            Hi! I am your 2016 Miss Princess of America, Kelsie Booker! One year ago I started my own platform Staying True To You: Be an Example, Encourage, & Empower. The mission of Staying True is to reach out to the youth and encourage them to celebrate their own differences and realize that these unique qualities are our strengths. Today's youth are surrounded with negative media, making it very easy to loose individuality. My goal that I am actively pursuing through presentations and partnerships is to reach thousands of young men and women throughout the county and inspire them to be a positive example to their peers, to encourage those around them to embrace who they truly are, and to empower our generation to make a difference in the community and within people's lives. To bring awareness to Staying True I have dedicated hundreds of hours to volunteer work. Some of the organizations I have worked with include Girls On The Run, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Down Syndrome Association, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation, and so many others! Along with leaving my mark on society I am currently majoring in Physical Therapy and will achieve my Doctorate degree in 2021! My overall career goal is to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy, specialize in sports therapy, and publish my findings on deficient ACL function in young women in the American Medical Journal.

Princess of America is an amazing organization that promotes community service and making a difference within your community and our nation! Through this organization I have gained the inspiration to boldly pursue my aspirations and I have acquired the realization that I am never too young to make a difference within the world.