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National Pageant Fees

The items listed below are only for National Contestants.

  • Opening Number Dress Deposit
    Opening Number Dress Deposit - $175.00
    Delegates will need clear, silver, or nude shoes which will be worn with the custom made, Tony Bowls cocktail dress. The delegate is responsible for ordering the correct size accprding to the size chart at www.poanationals...
  • Required Fee-Full Payment
    Required Fee-Full Payment - $500.00
    Full payment for national fees.
  • Required Fee-Partial Payment
    Required Fee-Partial Payment - $250.00
    Delegates now have the option to pay the required fee in two payments. 
  • Appointed Title Application
    Appointed Title Application - $325.00
    Apply for an appointed title to attend the national pageant, August 1st-6th in Branson, Missouri! If you are not selected $300 will be refunded to you. Applicants will hear back from the national office 1-2 weeks after...
  • National Talent
    National Talent - $100.00
    ~Time limit is 2:30. Points will be deducted for entries exceeding time limit. ~All music must be edited to 2:30 or less. We will not fade music at the pageant. ~Make-up rules are the same as for other areas of...
  • National Ambassador
    National Ambassador - $100.00
      Delegates will assemble a portfolio of their community service activities and positive things she has done to make a difference with her Princess of America state title. Portfolio must be turned in at...
  • National Sweetheart
    National Sweetheart - $100.00
    The Sweetheart title contest is another way to win a national title! The Sweetheart is handled differently at the national level than it is at a state level. The delegate with the highest score who entered the Sweetheart...
  • National Photogenic
    National Photogenic - $50.00
    ~Bring your photo to check-in. ~Please have your name and title on the back of the photo. ~Photos may NOT be larger than 8 x 10. ~Make up is only allowed in Pre-Teen Miss, Teen Miss, Junior Miss, and Miss...
  • National Crown Cover Model
    National Crown Cover Model - $50.00
    ~Show us your creativity with your crown! The Princess of America state crown must be in the photo. Banner is optional. ~Bring your photo to pageant check in. ~Please have your name and title on the back of the...
  • National Top Model
    National Top Model - $115.00
    ~Each girl will have a 5 minute photo shoot with our national photographer. ~Winner will be chosen on modeling skills and confidence in front of the camera. ~You will receive a CD with your unedited photos a few...
  • National Casual Wear
    National Casual Wear - $85.00
    ~Model an outfit that you’d wear to the mall or to a movie with friends. ~No glitz modeling ~No themed outfits ~No props ~No bare midriffs ~Accessories permitted (Sunglasses, scarf, hat etc...
  • National  Pink Carpet Couture
    National Pink Carpet Couture - $85.00
    ~Rock our pink carpet! Delegates wear their Hollywood best and will strut their stuff down the soon to be legendary Princess of America PINK CARPET! ~This competition is more dressy that casual wear, less dressy...
  • National Spokesmodel
    National Spokesmodel - $85.00
    ~Delegate will prepare an original speech to deliver to the judges and audience. ~Time limit is 90 seconds. Points deducted for exceeding time limit. ~Speech should be memorized. ~Wear interview attire...
  • National State Costume
    National State Costume - $85.00
    ~Show us your state pride with your state costume! ~Delegates should be prepared to model their costume as well as introduce themselves. ~Introductions of costumes should be around 10-15 seconds. ~Example:...
  • National Special Awards
    National Special Awards - $50.00
    ~Best in Interview ~Best Interview Attire ~Best Onstage Introduction ~Best in Formal Wear ~Best Gown ~Best Smile ~Best Stage Presence  ~Best Attitude (Staff choice) ~Butterfly Award...

Age Divisions

  • Tiny Miss
    Ages 4 - 6
  • Little Miss
    Ages 7 - 9
  • Pre-Teen Miss
    Ages 10 - 12
  • Teen Miss
    Ages 13 - 15
  • Junior Miss
    Ages 16 - 18
  • Miss
    Ages 19 - 24

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