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State Contestant/Titleholder Agreement

At pageant check in, each contestant (and parent or guardian if 17 or younger) will be required to sign the agreement below. Appointed title holders must also sign this form. Please be sure to read thoroughly.


Each Princess of America state titleholder must be a person of good moral character and her actions, words, and dress should be in accordance with the highest standards of conduct. She serves as a role model for girls statewide and will be the promoting the POA organization for the next year. Listed below are the criteria and obligations required during her reign.

  1. Titleholders must live in the state she wishes to represent at least part time or attend school or work in said state. Regional titleholder may be from any state. 

  2. Titleholders may not participate in any illegal activities or have ever been convicted of a crime.

  3. Titleholders may not be married.

  4. Titleholders may not have children or have given birth to any children.

  5. Titleholders must keep all posts on social media platforms family friendly and wholesome. All postings on social media are subject to director’s discretion.

  6. Titleholders of legal drinking age should not post photos with a drink in hand on social media.

  7. Titleholders must return to the state pageant to crown their successor and wear a white gown for the farewell. If you have an appointed title, your title is valid through January, 1st 2025. After your reign is over, the crown may no longer be worn and the banner may only be worn at POA events. 

  8. Titleholders must attend the national pageant in Branson, Missouri. If you are unable to attend, you will forfeit your title and give up the opportunity to crown your successor. The first runner up will assume the title (if possible) and act as the representative for the rest of the year. You must return your crown and banner in the condition in which it was received as well as any other prizes. However, the crown and banner can be kept for a fee. Should this occur, you may not wear the crown and banner in public any longer. Medical exceptions may be considered. 

  9. Once a POA state/regional title is obtained, deadlines for the national pageant must be met and kept up to date. Failure to meet national deadlines could result in the title being stripped and being awarded to the first runner up or another applicant.

  10. There is not a no compete clause at a state level, however, if you are to win a Princess of America national title, you must refrain from competing in any other pageants or representing another pageant system until you give up the national title. Princess of America national titleholders may only represent POA and may only wear the POA crown and banner during their reign unless granted special permission. If a state titleholder would like to compete in another pageant, please check with the director about agreements at the state and national level. Winning another pageant may make you ineligible to compete at the POA national pageant. If you are to win another title please check with the national office to make sure there is not a conflict.

  11. All state and national fees are non-refundable. 

  12. National opening number dresses are for the sole purpose of participating in the opening number at nationals. Dresses will be available at check in at nationals only for those who are competing. Any state/regional queen who does not compete at the national pageant will not receive their opening number dress. This fee is non refundable and non transferrable. Dresses will not be shipped and will not be sent home with friends, etc.

  13. Princess of America upholds the highest of standards of conduct. Each participant, win or lose, is expected to be gracious, kind, and supportive of the girl who is crowned. Unsportsmanlike behavior of any sort will not be tolerated. Any contestant, family member, or guest who shows unsportsmanlike behavior may be asked to leave or may be disqualified with no refund.

  14. Crown and banner replacements are available for purchase if yours happens to get damaged. For a replacement please contact the national office. If your crown or banner is defective at the time you receive it you must notify the director before leaving the pageant venue. Appointed titleholders must notify the national office within 24 hours of receipt. 

  15. Once a POA title is obtained, queens are under the jurisdiction of the Director that corresponds to her title for the duration of her reign. Queens must adhere to all rules, regulations, and guidelines, as set forth by, said Director. Please understand that state pageants are not guaranteed to be held at the same time each year.

  16. I agree to abide by all rules and guidelines set forth in this agreement. I understand that if I do not meet the requirements set forth in this agreement I will forfeit my title and the first runner up will assume my position as the state/regional representative. I confirm that I did compete in my correct age division (age as of Jan. 1st, 2024). I give permission for Princess of America & Crown Productions LLC to use photographs and/ or videos for promotional purposes.