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Hyeon Wang


Hyeon Wang

Junior Miss Princess of America


I moved to the United States when I was only seven years old from Seoul, South Korea. At this point I didn’t speak any English, but with the help of my wonderful teachers, I overcame this challenge and now I am an honor roll student, officer of National Honor Society, member of student council, and speech. A hobby of mine is dancing. My favorite genre of dance to perform is lyrical and jazz, but I will dance whenever I hear music.

I am currently a senior in high school. When I graduate, I plan on going to college and majoring in either elementary education or ESL education. I hope to make a difference in the student I teach like my teacher have done for me.

My passion of working with children started when I began volunteering at my local library reading program and continued as I became a Spanish Ambassador, teaching elementary students Spanish. This has led me to create my platform, Empowering Future Leaders of America. My platform encourages the youth to volunteer, get active, and strive to do their best in school. “Laying a strong foundation for our future leaders” Empowering Future Leaders of America will continue working hard to lead our youth to become the future leaders we wish to see.