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Areas of Competition

Areas of Competition


Each contestant has a personal interview with each of our judges. Questions will be age-appropriate, conversational, and will help the judges learn more about each girl. The judges are looking for personality, confidence, and the ability to express themselves verbally. Tiny Miss and Little Miss will have 1 minute. Preteen Miss and Teen Miss will have 2 minutes. Junior Miss and Miss will have 3 minutes. WARDROBE: Suit or dress recommended. No Jeans.


Personal Introduction 

Each contestant will introduce herself on stage. You may include things like your name, hometown, activities you enjoy, futures goals, or something interesting about yourself. The introduction will be judged on confidence, personality, articulation, and presentation. The best introductions are 15-30 seconds long. Please do not exceed this time. WARDROBE: Wear your interview outfit for this portion of the competition.

Formal Wear

Contestants will appear on stage in the formal wear competition. This portion of competition is judged on poise, confidence, and presentation. WARDROBE: Gown of your choice. Gown should be floor length and age appropriate. Slits should be a modest height. We are not looking for anything too sexy or revealing.

On Stage Question

All contestants, except for those in the Tiny Miss division, will be asked an on stage question. Teen Miss, Junior Miss, and Miss divisions will not know what questions will be asked. Little Miss & Preteen Miss divisions will receive a list of potential questions and will be given the list at pageant check in. Questions will be age appropriate and not political. WARDROBE: Wear your formal wear gown for this portion of the competition.