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National Director

Teresa Foli is a native of Utah and currently resides in the “Show Me State” of Missouri. And true to that title, she produces six shows a year including Mrs. Missouri, Mrs. Kansas and Princess of America. She founded Ballet Arts Inc. in 1992 where she serves as creative director, choreographer and instructor. Her dancers have received top honors in both state and national competitions and many have obtained careers in the field of performing arts. She also owns and operates Crown Productions LLC and enjoys using her theatrical background in performance and dance to create exciting and professional events across the nation.teresa.jpg

Teresa’s journey with pageants began in 2002 when she represented her state as Mrs. Missouri at the nationally televised Mrs. America Pageant in Honolulu, Hawaii. Through her experiences as a pageant contestant and a titleholder, she discovered that pageantry provides wonderful opportunities that lead to personal growth and development. After passing the title to Heidi Dinan, who became Missouri’s first Mrs. America, she took over the Missouri state directorship. She realized that she was passionate about empowering other women and encouraging them to achieve their goals. She recently became the executive director for Mrs. Kansas.

But why stop with married women? Teresa believes that you are never too young to acquire skills that will build self-esteem and create confidence in your ability to succeed at whatever you choose. So, the Missouri Princess Pageant was born and almost 10 years later it has grown into a national pageant system. She is thrilled to bring to her home state this amazing opportunity for young girls!

Some may ask, “What is the value of pageants?” Teresa’s philosophy is simple. It’s about finding your strengths, overcoming fears, meeting new challenges and uncovering that queen that was there all along. There is no way to “lose” a pageant since it’s about self-discovery and getting comfortable in your own skin. “When your view of yourself changes, your view of the world changes and therefore your ability to make a difference in it.” ~Teresa Foli