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National Delegate Numbers

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We are so excited to welcome 130 national delegates to Branson this summer! Below is a breakdown of the delegate numbers (and national queens) within in each age division. 

Tiny Miss: 13 (1 Queen-Symphony)

Little Miss: 27 (2 Queens-Kennedy & Lynzee)

Preteen Miss: 25 (2 Queens-Charlotte & Alexis)

Teen Miss: 26 (2 Queens-Danielle & Lilly)

Junior Miss: 16 (2 Queens-Contessa & Rebekah)

Miss: 23 (1 Queen-Genevieve)

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms "Junior Divisions" & "Senior Divisions". Junior Divisions refer to the Tiny Miss, Little Miss, and Preteen Miss age divisions. Senior Divisions refer to the Teen Miss, Junior Miss, and Miss age divisions. There are a total of 10 national queens. 5 within the Junior Divisions & 5 within the Senior Divisions. 

Please note there will not be a schedule time for a gift exchange but you may bring gifts to pass out your own if you would like. Gifts are most certainly not a requirement.